Selling Made Easy!

All the links you need to help you sell with JBF Plano

Register and Start Tagging

Register for the next sale, all existing tags will automictically be added to our database, and start or continue tagging additional items to sell.

Drop-Off Appt

Schedule your drop-off time, pay your consignor fee, and sign your consignor waiver all in one place!

Tagging Help

Connect with a JBF Tagger who is able to tag your items for you.

Seller How to Sell Guide

A step by step guide on how to sell all your gently loved items with JBF Plano.

Seller What to Sell Guide

A full break down by season on what to sell at the next JBF Plano sale.

Seller Schedule

A full timeline of drop off, shopping times, and pick-up for the next JBF Plano sale.


All cribs and car seats must have a waiver filled out attached to the item for inspection. 
We CANNOT sell a car seat or crib if it does not have a waiver, even if it is brand new,
and/or if the item has been recalled.